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Repetition leads to perfection.

Smartloop is Daring Star in-house framework and toolkit to enable BSS Configuration and Test automation in the cloud.

The toolkit was specifically designed to address and streamline the complexity of BSS implementation and integration projects through the highest possible degree of automation. Smartloop enables establishing DevOps and Continuous Integration (CI) practices within a project integration team, eliminating error-prone and repeating manual activities while reducing time-to-market.

Smartloop is the back-bone of all Daring Star Integration and Software development projects ensuring consistent quality and speed to our deliverables.



startup weekendBuild and launch new products faster and easier


startup weekend Fully automated regression and functional test


startup weekend Deploy to production via the same tested interface




Telco BSS are highly complex IT platforms. Building and testing new products takes very long time. Smartloop improves time-to-market making the launch of new features and products faster, easier and safer.



Introducing new products or features creates risks of breaking the existing setup. Smartloop eliminates the risk of side-effects. Full Regression testing is automatically executed every night in Daring Star CI server.



Operators still rely on outdated project delivery approaches solely based on man-power and time. Smartloop makes projects less costly and risky through extensive automation and enabling cloud-based Continuous Integration.

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