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Project and team management requires a right balance of technical and “soft” skills in order to deal with the complexity of the solution, together with a multi-national team for efficient communication with the customer.

We can take the lead of a project and be fully accountable for it. This includes people management and staffing needs, budgeting and project controlling, change and risk management, establishing uniform intra-team processes and work tools, testing planning and execution, customer interfacing, etc see related projects...

A wrong or superficial evaluation of a project can have very severe consequences. Underestimation may result in unrealistic constraints for the Project Manager or in need for changes in the Project scope triggering Customer frustration. Overestimation could endanger the whole bid with the risk of being disqualified from a promising selling opportunity.        

We can provide full blown bid management or help in any critical phase of the bid lifecycle such as creating and reviewing technical and commercial proposals, completing proposal compliancy matrices, providing realistic time and effort estimations, performing risk assessment. see related projects...

Any complex project should rely on solid technical foundations in order to avoid scope creep discovered late into the project and to facilitate the handover to different organizations.

We'll deliver a thoroughly documented study and analysis of activities in order to assess and successfully establish a project. see related projects...

Telecom organizations often face issues which may seriously affect their daily business therefore requiring a prompt resolution.

Thanks to our agile organization, we can help by quickly addressing such needs, while always committing to high quality deliverables. see related projects...

Companies are seeking more and more ad hoc and heavily customised solutions in order to cope with ever more demanding requests from the business community.

We can help capture complex requirements, translating them into custom solutions and optimising them in view of the Customer - taking into account environmental, technical, business and budget constraints. see related projects...

Finding the right people for specific tasks in a project team is crucial. Even so this process is very often left to chance.

We can help staffing project teams internationally by providing people with the most appropriate set of skills and consolidated experience in the field. see related projects...

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