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Daring Star Day 2015 - The Ultimate Food Battle

Daring Star Day"Daring Star Day" is an internal company event which is organized once or twice per year to push Daring Star people to think out of the box and to share ideas with fun and creativity. Last year's Daring Star Day was held in Impact Athens Hub and was an amazing experience for the company. This year, though, "Daring Star Day" was not a usual company event. Instead, a fierce food competition was held, known as the "Ultimate Food Battle"!

Daring Star employees had to compete each other in a Cooking Laboratory, after being split up in 2 teams: The Tortilla Warriors vs The Burger Grinders. The first team's goal was to prepare tortillas as well as the tortilla filling. The second team had to prepare all the ingredients needed for a burder by hand as well deliver a plate that will amaze the judges. The teams members were selected based on the cooking skills each one claimed to have, in order for the two teams to both consist of skilled "chefs".  Each team was leaded by a special Master Chef that guided the team throughout the competition. The purpose of the battle was to have fun in a creative way that required a lot of team work, creativity and communication skills between the employees and to prove that if we all work as a team we can achieve something really nice. Well.. And tasty in our case!

At the end, the judges announced the winning team and everyone enjoyed the food in a non-competitive atmosphere!


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